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The #CoronaVirus Pandemic is pushing the world to the edge. The Virus is highly infectious and models show that cases are growing exponentially, doubling every 3 days. This Model shows how bad it can get very quickly. Note, the model has inputs which you can change at will. The inputs entered are just a potential scenario, download the model to change the inputs to suite your circumstances.

It is important to stress that this exponential growth model will eventually tapper off, but not until it has done tremendous damage if nations do not take drastic measures to limit interaction. We all need to wake up to this fact.

There is a point early on in the outbreak when Countries will be able to control the spread, but beyond that point it literally explodes beyond control and this is where majority of the population could get infected very quickly.

I built this simple exponential model in Excel to show what could happen in just 30 days if we do not practice social distancing. If you want the Excel Model, click here to download it

Download this Model in Excel Here

Be Safe
David Brown