Financial Modeling and Analysis are highly respected skills in the business world and hugely sought after in the job marketplace.

Financial Modelling serves as a powerful communication tool to clearly and effectively tell the story of a company to management and stakeholders. It is a critical decision making tool used by management to make accurate and informed financial decisions about a company or project.

It is multidisciplinary, requiring expertise in Accounting, Finance, Financial Analysis, Valuation and Microsoft Excel.

This course has been developed to cover the entire body of knowledge issued by the Financial Modeling Institute for Level One; Advanced Financial Modeler Designation.

It is a highly intensive certificate course, it is structured as a blended course: online pre-work, face-to-face classroom, a mock exam and a preparation guide for the AFM Exams for those registered to take it.

This entire course is also available online via our e-learning platform. www.OfficeTrainingHub.com

Learning Outcomes
By the end of this training you will be able to:

  • Identify and apply the essential Excel functions, tools and operators every modeller should know.
  • Apply best practice techniques & rules to build 3 Statement models from scratch.
  • Design a modern model structure based on pre-determined model outputs & requirements.
  • Master CVP (Cost, Volume, Price) analysis to appropriately identify and capture fixed and variable costs of a company
  • Apply best practices in capital structure modelling; Debt schedules, Cash Flow Sweeps, Equity and dividend calculations.
  • Build and incorporate Operating & Financial Schedules.
  • Perform sensitivity and scenario analysis
  • Recall the techniques for model auditing tax and deferred tax treatment, depreciation calculations, integrity & error checking and more.

Online Pre-Work

  • Participants will be given access to this course’s online pre-work platform on www.OfficeTrainingHub.com
  • All activities must be completed before attending the classroom sessions for the course.
  • This platform also serves to introduce participants to their instructors via the discussion forum.
  • The platform includes basic knowledge and definitions as well as short videos to get participants effectively prepared for the course.
  • Participants are also expected to document their expectations.
  • The Courses digital certificate of completion will also be issued via this platform.

Advanced Financial Modeler Course