Learn the foundations of Excel that never get taught to you, this will catapult your confidence when working with Excel and give you a strong base when taking on other advanced topics.

This course will teach you a methodology for working with Excel that exposes how the Excel application really works. The course highlights many shortcuts, tips and tricks to make you more productive on the job.

It is said that more than 80% of Excel users are aware of only 20% of what Excel can do. We will show you the tools, functions and techniques that will unlock the 80% of Excel you may not know about.

The course is developed by a Microsoft MVP and includes free online access to enable you chat with our trainers and your colleagues as you implement your new skills back on the job.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of the course participants will be able to

• Identify and Recall the new features and shortcuts in the latest versions of Excel
• Demonstrate general Excel spreadsheet skills by working with tabs, ribbons, dialogue boxes, Excel options and formats.
• Interpret exactly how the Excel engine works and use this knowledge in proffering solution to case studies.
• Employ formulas, functions and data tools to perform simple data analysis
• Build simple yet dynamic templates for “on the job use”.

Online Pre-Work
• Participants will be given access to this course’s online pre-work platform on www.OfficeTrainingHub.com
• All activities must be completed before attending the classroom sessions for the course.
• The platform includes basic knowledge and definitions as well as short videos to get participants effectively prepared for the course.
• Participants are also expected to document their expectations.
• The Courses digital certificate of completion will also be issued via this platform