Current Webinar 2018

5 Cool Artificial Intelligence Features in Excel & Power BI

Excel and Power BI
Thur 29th November 2018
9 am – 10 am

Learn about Artificial Intelligence capabilities in Excel & Power BI. These features guarantee productivity beyond the ordinary.

 Financial Models

Steps for Building a Financial Model from Scratch in Excel

Financial modeling
Thur 29th November 2018
11 am – 12 pm

So you have been given the task to build a Model, where do you start from. You are good in Excel and Accounting, is that enough? What am I missing? This webinar will take you through the steps you need to follow to build a well structured three statement financial model.


Secrets of Effective Virtual Training

Talent Development
Guest: Special Guest
Thur 29th November 2018
2 pm – 3 pm

Virtual training is a cross between classroom training and e-learning, it is Live online training and it requires a lot more expertise of the traininer. You must be an expert on virtual engagement to be able to impact knowledge with this media. Join us to learn how the best in the world do it and you may just be on your way to becoming a Virtual trainer yourself