October- Webinar 2018

Automating every process from data to insights

Excel and Power BI
Thur 18th October 2018
9 am – 10 am

Learn how to use innovative Microsoft technologies to automate your process from data gathering to presentation of findings, every analyst should know about these wonderful tools available in Office 365..

 Financial Models

Cool Tips for the Advanced Financial Modeler Exams

Financial modeling
Thur 18th October 2018
11 am – 12 pm

Join us to learn some of cool tips and time saving tricks and some of the more challenging topics and calculations in the Advanced Financial Modeler Exams offered by the Financial modeling Institute.


Using learning Methods & Media to design training

Talent Development
Guest: Special Guest
Thur 18th October 2018
2 pm – 3 pm

What is the difference between learning Methods and Media. Why is it so important for Instructional Designers? This session will show how we use these concepts in designing courses at dbrownconsulting