As an analyst, you should definitely format your reports appropriately to correctly convey information. In order to do this effectively, you will need to learn how to program the naira sign into your computer, so anytime you need it. It appears. To do this, you need to program you currency symbol.


1. Go to home, you will see the currency Icon, you need the Naira sign here

You Currency Symbol

It is not here currently. You want a setting so that when you click it, it brings the Naira sign. There is a trick to do this. However, it is not an excel thing, it is a windows thing. You need to do this in control panel.
2. Press the Windows button on your keyboard, type “Region and language”.


3. Click on Region and a dialog box appears.
4. In the dialog box, go to Additional settings.


    1. 5. In Additional setting, you will see Number, Currency, Time and Date tabs. Go to Currency.
    1. 6. In Currency symbol section, click on the dropdown and you will see the pound sign and other currency signs. Note: Be sure to have copied the Naira s.g8. ₦), first before you come to this section.
    1. 7. Delete the pound sign and paste the naira sign with CTRL + V.
    1. 8. When you are done, you can now click Apply.

Customize Format

9. Click OK, then OK again in the next dialogue box.
You have programmed your currency in your control panel. When you come back to excel, you can see it there. It automatically changes to ₦aira.
10. Highlight the cells you want to format, use the keyboard shortcut (CTRL + SHIFT + 4) or the format command on the Home tab to format.
It shows with Naira sign (₦). When you click the dropdown, you will see other currency symbols there to be used. However, your default has now been set to Naira (₦) sign.


This technique would certainly improve your reporting considerably. It will help your reporting to look far better by representing the Nigeria currency symbol appropriately. Hope this helps you. Ciao

Tip: Let’s get Microsoft to make all the above automatic by changing the default currency for Nigeria from NGN to ₦.