Praise was working on a sales report that was due for presentation to management the next day, she had earlier used Excel’s Number Formatting to change the Sales Figures to a Currency Format. However, Excel’s defaults currency format is not in Naira(), and management wants to see sales in Naira ().

There are several situations we encounter when working in Excel that require us to represent figures in Naira (), this article would teach you an easy way to program Excel and your computer to format the default currency as the Naira (), rather than representing the Naira symbol with NGN or using a double strikethrough on the “N” alphabet then copying and pasting repeatedly.

Note: Using the double strikethrough only works in Microsoft Word, this option cannot be found in Excel, Excel only has the option of a single strikethrough.

Let’s learn how to program the Naira symbol.

Steps to Program the Naira currency symbol. ()

  1. First, you must have Excel workbook
  2. Go to the Insert Tab (We are using Excel 2016)

Naira Currency Symbol

  1. Click on the symbol command.
  2. Symbol Dialogue box comes up.
  3. Change your font to Arial. We select the Arial Font here because there are some font types that do not contain the Naira symbol
  4. Go to the bottom of the Symbols dialogue box, ensure Unicode (hex), is selected from the drop down.
  5. Then go to the subset dropdown at the top right corner, click on the dropdown and select Currency Symbols
  6. Once you select the Currency Symbols, the Naira sign should now be displayed.
  7. Select the Naira Sign

Symbol Image

  1. Then click on Insert, then Close. The Naira Symbol would be inserted into a cell
  2. Now we have got the Naira Symbol. It does not end there; for us to be efficient with Excel we need to automate the process.

Note: you can automate in Excel without the use of VBA codes

  1. The goal here is to automate the Naira symbol into Excel so that, whenever we type NGN Excel would automatically convert it to the Naira symbol.
  2. Now go to the formula bar, highlight and copy the Naira symbol your early inserted and copy it. (Ctrl+C)

Function In Microsoft Word Logo

  1. Go to the File Tab
  2. Click on Options, (you can use the Shortcut ALT + T + O)
  3. Under Excel option, go to Proofing;
  4. Select AutoCorrect options

Auto Correct Naira Symbol

      1. Click ok
      2. Go to Replace and type NGN
      3. Now we want to replace it with the Naira symbol so paste the Naira symbol we earlier copied. (Ctrl V)
      4. Click on Add, to add to your auto correct

    Naira Symbol

      1. Click ok, then ok again
        1. Note: whatever we do in the Excel option affect all the office suites (Word, PowerPoint etc.)
      2. Now we have successfully programed Excel to replace NGN with the Naira symbol.
      3. Now anytime we require the Naira symbol just type NGN (press Enter or Space) and Excel automatically replaces it with the
      4. You can also program Excel to any currency of your choice.


Now you can go ahead and try it Yourself.

Summary of Steps

      1. Open a work book
      2. Go to the Insert Tab
      3. Click on the Symbol Command
      4. On the bottom right of Symbol dialog box ensure it is Unicode (hex)
      5. Change the font to Arial
      6. On the Subset dropdown, Select Currency Symbols
      7. Select the Naira Sign
      8. Click Insert
      9. Click Close
      10. Copy the Inserted Naira symbol
      11. Go to File
      12. Select Options
      13. Go to Proofing
      14. Select AutoCorrect Options
      15. Type NGN under “Replace”
      16. Paste the Naira symbol under “With”
      17. Click Add
      18. Click Ok



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