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Payroll Outsourcing Services

The biggest problem in house payroll management is confidentiality. We have developed a system that not only guarantees accurate computations and compliance with the laws, but also eliminates common leakages in payroll confidentiality.


We have for over 11 Years of delivering top quality payroll services to our varying clients. Our team of payroll and tax professionals have a combined experience of over 25 years.


Does your organisation deal with confidential and sensitive payroll being divulged? We deployed a unique system that eliminates the possibility of such an occurrence.


We can work with your existing Payroll Platform or use our Enterprise scale cloud based SaaS Payroll Platform. Whichever you choose we will work closely with you to establish the best technology fit.


As Tax Specialists and LIRS Tax monitoring Agents, we have a deep knowledge of the payroll tax laws & their implementation. We conduct regular payrol audits for our clients as part of our premium services.


We offer bespoke payroll analytics and dashboards that can be viewed on any device. As Microsoft Data Analytics Partners we give you access to state of the art reporting and analytics

Payment Platform

Our secure payment portal has strict access controls. All your Accounts department requires is a bulk anonymised journal for posting to the general ledger, keeping payroll information confidential.

Cost Saving

We will meet with your team to discuss and work out a solution that meets your unique needs and/or constraints.
Our cost saving and value added services means you get more for less.

Payroll Support

We provide regular payroll support using our unique SMART number (0700PAYROLL) and dedicated email support.

Payroll plans

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