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The best people to build analytics systems are the users themselves. This year, the dbrownconsulting team is on a mission to help you get the most out of your data. Learn how to build plug-and-play analytics systems that integrate seamlessly with your existing tools.








Report Automation and Analytics Academy ™

A 5 Step Framework for Building your Own Reporting & Analytic System

Report Automation & Analytics Academy ™ is the only implementation program of its kind that not only uses a validated system for automating all your data reports without any IT support – but also shows you how to leverage the tools you already have to get this done, freeing up hundreds of hours of your time to focus on what you do best.

Is this for you

Before I tell you about this transformational program, let’s explore who this is really for…

  • You are an expert in your field and have a burning desire to supercharge your career by showcasing the best you have to offer at work, you know your stuff, but your smarts aren’t maximized because a large part of your time is spent creating or reviewing routine reports.
  • You prefer to spend your time finding out “Why” things happen rather than just reporting out “What” happened. But you feel you don’t have the time or skill needed to automate your reports and focus your energies on bringing new ideas and insights to the table leading to real solutions to real problems which will improve your organization’s bottom line and increase appreciation of your expertise.
Whether you’re …

Then you are in the right place and I am going to tell you exactly how Report Automation & Analytics Academy (RA3) will provide a 5 step framework and the detailed support and guidance on your journey to building your very own Analytic System that fully integrates to the data you have with no IT Support or major technical skill required.

By the end of this program, you will have:

Mapped out all your current reports, charts, and tables, and identified those reports that really matter.

Organized the content you generate using a proprietary framework that allows you to eliminate duplication of tasks while clarifying how your data is connected across your organization.

Designed a modern data model allowing you to completely automate the process of report update with no IT spend, no restrictions, and no delays.

Expertly implemented your new system using only the tools you already have, so you spend absolutely nothing on new software so, effectively, zero cost to your organization.

Seamlessly connect your new system to other data sources in your business, allowing you to regularly extract new insights which nobody had seen before in your organization.

Learned a new language for telling better data stories, so your presentations become an eagerly anticipated brainstorming session that generates a higher level of thinking from all involved.

Implemented an entirely new way to work with the data you already have in your department, freeing up a lot more time to do the important work of finding out why things happen rather than just reporting out what happened.

“David Brown and dbrownconsulting are absolutely the best in the world at what they do.”
Serdek Love
CEO Sardek Love International, Master Trainer and International Keynote Speaker