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dbrown Training Plans

Individual Plans Corporate Plans
relax, it is Free ₦ 80,000
per Day
per Person
₦ 750,000
per Day
per Class
₦ 900,000
per Day
per Class
₦ 1,100,000
per Day
per Class
Educational Resources
Access Monthly Online Webinars 1 User 1 User 10 User 20 User Unlimited
Financial Modelling Meetup Group
Microsoft Excel & Power BI Meetup Group
Invites to Mthly & Qtrly Meetups 1 User 1 User 10 User 20 User Unlimited
Monthly Educational Newsletters
Access to Free Training Video Library
Restricted Access to Specific Online Courses 5 Days 10 Days
Pre-Training Needs Assessment
Standard Needs Assessment Testing
Standard Needs Assessment Report
Pre-Training Refresher
Detailed Analytics on needs Assessment
Brainstorming Session on needs with Client
Pre-training Refresher Sessions (Live or Recorded)
Face-to-Face (Classroom) Sessions
Flexible Training Dates & Scheduling
Experiences SME / Facilitator
Max number per Classroom Session 15 20 20 20
Printed Course Manuals ₦ 5,000 each
Access to Course Exercises & Resources
Competency Assimilation grading during Course
Participant Evaluation Capture
Post-Training Reports & Exam
Dedicated Training Coordinator during Sessions
Access to Participants’ Assimilation Reports
Access to Participant Evaluation Reports
Proctored Post Training Exams
Standard Final Training Reports
ROI Analytics & Retention Program
Full Cloud Access to Report & Analytics per Participant
Full Access to Specific Online Courses
Access to Private Google + Retention Platforms
Premium Access on Meetups
Premium Access on Webinars
Support on ROI Calculations
Access to Alumni Discounts**

* Open Plans are walk-ins to our advertised Open training courses for each year. Click here to access it

**Special benefits available to participants who have attended 10+ days of training with dbrownconsulting

Verified Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria Members are entitled to a 30% Discount on ALL Courses

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