DataFestAfrica2022 Press Release

DataFestAfrica and its expanding community: dbrownconsulting role in preaching the gospel of Data.

As sponsors of the DataFestAfrica2022 held on from 14th October 2022 to 15th October,2022 we can say in all rights that the event was a success. The event brings together Data enthusiasts and professionals alike once every year to share knowledge, network and build connections.

As always where data is mentioned, you are sure to find us there. Over the course of 17 years, we have championed the power of Data, Data Analytics, Power Platform, SQL etc to help organizations, people and teams make the most of their data.

Speaking to a crowd of about 2,500 young people for our organization were our Managing Partner David Brown (MVP), Lead Analyst and Trainer Adewale Yusuf (MVP) and Oloruntoba Faskain.


David Brown speaks on Data Culture and Teams.

Delivering his session on Data Culture and Teams, David spoke to the need of building a Data Culture by allowing teams have access to democratized data and making them open sourced to all members of the organization for effective data-driven work.

"A common problem that we have noticed working with organizations over the years is that data is locked up in silos and not centralized".

David Brown, Managing Partner dbrownconsulting

listen to David's session 

Adewale Yusuf speaks on Data Literacy for every professional.

Adewale spoke extensively on Data Literacy for every professional. How data is generated in every sphere of life from small businesses to organizations and large corporations, data structure, data storage, data sources, the 7 golden rules of data management and the process of Data Literacy. Access Adewale’s slides here.

Download Wale Slide Here

Oloruntoba Fasakin speaks on Building and Enlightening Data Professionals in Africa.

Oloruntoba speaking on Building and Enlightening Data professionals in Africa showed the participants how to Do more with Bookmarks, Selection Pane, and Tooltip in Power BI. Access Olotuntoba’s Presentation here.

We were very excited to see past colleagues and alumni of dbrownconsulting. One thing was true for almost all our past colleagues and alumni and that is the world of opportunities knowledge in Data Analytics, Financial Modeling, SQL, and Power Platforms have afforded them. DataFestAfrica is enabling the youths use their platform to inspire, connect and build meaningful networks that allows them access to even more opportunities.

We also shared an avenue for enhancement with the young crowd of Data enthusiast by opening our Analysts Boot Camp for registration. This Bootcamp is open to young graduates most especially and will train a few lucky candidates for Free on Power Platforms and Financial Modeling.

Keynote speakers at DataFestAfrica sharing their journey on becoming in the world of Data is as inspiring as it gets, and we are glad this initiative by David Abu and team was birthed.

It was a pleasure to exhibit alongside and meet sponsors like Café One, Acronis, Katiwg and Dale (a women led legal start up for tech), Paystack, Microsoft, Shuttlers, Infobip, Advancing Analytics, Kmine, DBT, Data Culture and Iterative.

Download Oloruntaba Slide Here

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