Data Analytics Audit 

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Discover the Power of Your Data: Unlock its Potential with a Comprehensive Audit

Are you seeking to make more data-driven decisions, but your reporting and analytics process seems overly complicated, and you truly don’t know where to start?

Does your department have piles of data coming from multiple sources, but staff are unsure how best to integrate it seamlessly and automatically.

Data is the new currency of innovation; having a data-driven culture in your organization is critical to the key to sustained innovation.

In this data analytics audit, we will drill down into how you report your data, determine important KPIs you might be missing, and help you see the cost of running your current reporting and ANALYTICS system.

This audit report will become an excellent roadmap for your eventual deployment of a robust automated reporting and analytic system.

You can save time and money by tweaking just a few things in the way you pull numbers. Let us help you streamline.

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How does it work?

Team Meeting

First, we meet. We’ll talk about your challenges and get a sense of where to go.

Homework Time

Next, we’ll have you fill out a form to better understand the numbers you’re working with.

Assessing Needs

After that, we perform a comprehensive assessment with the feedback you’ve provided.


And from there, we create a detailed report to go over with your team, together.

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