Agile Mindset for Leadership Transformation

talent development watch Nov 11, 2022

Date16th November 2022 


It is evident that more and more leaders are adopting the Agile mindset to ensure the success of their organizations. Studies have shown that to survive the turbulent and ever-changing landscape of the business environment, Agile response from leaders directly impact critical business success.

The London School of Economics discovered that in the agile agencies they identified,ā€Æproductivity was 53% higher, employeeā€Æsatisfaction 38% higher, and customer (citizen)ā€Æsatisfaction 31% more than less agile agencies. It is evident that many organizations are applying Agile principles to transform their entire organization, from leadership to customer service, from culture to teamwork.

In this webinar on Wednesday November 16th @ 11am, Victor Diali will discuss what agility means in different contexts and help participants apply agile leadership mindset to increase their team’s flexibility, cross-functional collaboration, and culture transformation.


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