There is no health without mental health

talent development watch Nov 14, 2022

Date23 November 2022  


The common phrase “Health is Wealth” is no longer just a phrase. The mind and body are often viewed as separate entities but studies have shown that for any individual to be fully optimal they need as much mental health as they do physical health. 

Mental health conditions are increasing worldwide and the World Health Organization WHO, records a 13% increase in mental health cases the world over in their 2022 report World mental health report: Transforming mental health for all. 

It has now become imperative for individuals, teams, and organizations alike to prioritize mental health and continue to build awareness for this phenomenon. Mental disorders are estimated to cost the global economy over $1 trillion dollars every year. 

Kindly join us andDr Gbenga Adebayo the Founder/Chief Executive Officer, Living Health International Limited on Wednesday November 23rd @ 11am as we discuss common myths about mental health and mental disorders as well important steps individuals and organizations can take to promote mental well-being. 


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