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dbrownconsulting brings a world of experience in financial modelling, analytics and business intelligence with a focus providing management with deeper insights into their numbers for more informed decision making.

Our BI Services

Reporting & Data Visualization

A good report is one that enables you ask the right questions. You can only ask the right questions if you understand what the numbers are trying to tell you. Data Visualisation is a core skill that we have and we can help you enhance your reports with the Power of Power BI.

Mobile Reporting & Analytics

In today’s fast-paced world, access to information on any device is absolutely critical to make informed decisions. Are your reports and analytics solutions ready for this? We design and develop reporting and analytic architectures to be mobile ready right off the bat. This will increases adoption and satisfaction with your platforms, and you get faster decisions from an informed team!

Data Integration & Management

Data Integration does not always have to be a pain. We will work with your Analysts and IT to put an end to difficulties accessing and managing data. Corporate the world over waste a lot of time and resources with duplicated and inaccurate data dbrownconsulting can help you design, and streamline your data integration and management strategy and capabilities.

Data Warehousing

Build an impressive database from scratch and get value out of your many databases, experience effortless migration from one platform to SQL Server and vis versa.



Our Financial Modelling Services

Financial Model Build

We use our rigorous financial model build methodology to build highly effective financial forecast models, project finance models and specialist models in various industries including Oil & Gas, Hospitality and Financial Services. Providing all stakeholders; Bankers, Financiers, Investors, and Advisers with a clear set of financial projections to enable them to make informed decisions.

Our models follow industry best practices, with a unique self-documenting and structured approach that gives our client full confidence in the accuracy of results and analysis.

Financial Modelling Training

We leverage our industry expertise to deliver highly sought after financial modelling courses. Our courses are delivered using a blended learning approach with a mixture of Live-Online, Webinars, Online-Self Paced and Classroom courses. We are the only African Firm accredited by the Financial Modelling Institute, a worldwide financial modelling certification body. We have trained thousands of analysts in financial modelling, Excel and financial analysis to become a leading authority in the field. Click here to learn more.