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Data Analytics Consulting

Your Data Is Trying to Tell You a Story

Everything you need to know about your company is in that pile of data you’ve been collecting. As your partners in Power BI and the Microsoft Power Platform, we help you shape your own data story with our unique, effective 4S Consulting approach.

Our 4S Methodology


First: we listen. Together, we get to the crux of your needs to understand what success looks like for your business.


Now, we get to modeling. We put your data through our structured methodology for models or reporting engines.


Next, we get specific. We run various scenarios with you as we refine the tool to meet your precise needs.


Finally, we implement. We support and coach your teams as the solution is deployed and monitored for impact across your organization.

Whatever You Need, Our Data Analytics Consulting Team Has the Answer

Want to get into the nitty-gritty? Here’s how we can help.

Analytic and Reporting System Services

Make sense of your numbers

Business Process Automation Services

Streamline your business processes

Financial Modeling Services

Predict your financial future

What Our Customers Are Saying

“I've had an exceptional experience working with the team at dbrownconsulting. They have a unique ability to describe complex items in a way that everyone, regardless of their level of expertise, can understand. The staff and experts that we worked with were pleasant, responsive and accountable. They provided value by putting together a data model, allowing us to combine information from multiple sources, visualize it, and ultimately leverage it to analyze the impact of our programs and events. The visualizations were crucial in helping us understand the data and pull stories from the information.

Travis Jones

Director Enablements & Events Autodesk, USA

With the new dashboard we now have finally holistic and global insight on how partners are consuming our onboarding and training program. We can see who has done what in their learning journey - but even more importantly - we can now easily see who has stopped along the way or has not started. This way, we can target those partners more specifically and bring them back on track.Secondly, we also connected the survey results to the model so we can measure and show the impact that our program is making - which is so important in our enablement world.

Konstanze Willbold

Program Manager, Enablement & Events

With the services of Dbrownconsulting, Gold Fields Ghana was able to optimize identified value streams within our value chain. The automation of the Mine Entry Covid Protocol, using Microsoft PowerApps and Power Automate tools has brought efficiency, visibility, and flexibility to the process of visiting the Mine. Visitors are able to request for visit, receive feedback on their request and follow up on the status of their request as well. For the process owners, they are able to attend to request even when they are away from their desk, track the progress of the request, and manage their time more efficiently.

Robert Quartey

Project Manager, Gold Fields Ghana

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