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Financial Modeling Courses

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Businesses need to look ahead. And everyone on the team needs to know how. Our financial modeling courses are delivered using a mix of in-person, virtual, and self-directed lessons for a convenient, blended learning approach that takes into account the participants’ time and schedule. Become an authority.

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Advanced Financial Modeler – FMCG Industry

This course covers the fundamentals and mechanics of financial modeling. We teach FMGC models during this course because they are easy for participants to follow

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Project Finance

Figure out how to build dashboards and models that can help predict the viability of projects, mergers, acquisitions, and buyouts.

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Finance For Non-Finance Manager

Our Finance for non-finance managers course is taught using a set of principles and methodologies developed by our firm to give participants a system they can always refer to anytime they get stuck trying to interpret financial information.

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Abubakar Sadiq Abubakar

Civil Servant

I have over 17years of Experience of Trainings in the Financial Sector and so many other Development Trainings before joining NDIC, But this is one of the Best trainings I have attended so Far, Because of the relevance of Advanced Financial Modeller Course, I would recommend the course as it provides good learnings to People in the Area of Finance

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