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Sometimes, all it takes to enhance your productivity is to go back to basics. Our suite of Office365 training courses will reintroduce you to the Microsoft tools you know and love, and make you better at them. Refamiliarize yourself with Office365 during our Fundamentals courses. Boost your presentation skills and master Excel in our Advanced Courses. And unlock the type of productivity you’ve been dreaming about with our Specialized Courses.

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Microsoft Office 365 Fundamentals: Rethink what you know about old favorites like Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, Teams, Planner, Delve, Lists and more. (Haven’t heard of some of these? That’s why this course exists.)

Advanced Excel Skills Courses: Our Advanced Excel training courses give you a deeper look at all of the functions of Excel, including using advanced formulas to help shape your data analysis and build dashboards.

Presentation & Visual Skills Courses: You’re a rockstar. These courses will help you learn how to show it. Harness the Power Platform’s capabilities to funnel your data into easily digestible chunks your whole team can visualize and understand

Specialized Skills Courses: These courses take you deeper into the Power Platform. In them, you’ll learn tips and tricks to enhance your productivity and add time to your day using Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents and more.

Office 365 Fundamentals

Productivity Essentials with Office 365

Power Excel 1

Advanced Excel SKills

Advanced Data Analysis & Reconciliation

Presentation and Visualization Skills

Advanced Presentation Skills for Business

Introducing the IBCS Visualization Standard

Specialized Skills

Enhanced Productivity with the Power Platform

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