Power BI Training Courses

Power BI Training Courses

Power BI For All

We believe automation breeds autonomy. That’s what our Power BI and analytic systems courses are designed for: to give your team the tools and skills you need to seamlessly build dashboards, analyze your data, and report it to your team, all on your own.

What You Get with Each Enterprise Analytics Course:

Power BI Fundamentals:

This group of courses will keep you up to speed on your Power BI and Excel basics. Learn to build dashboards to meet your team’s analytic reporting needs, gather hacks and automation tips to master Excel, and more.

Advanced Analytics Courses

These courses will take what you learned in Power BI Fundamentals (or build on the skillset you already have) to take using Power BI to create reports to the next level.

Visualization and Presentation Courses

You’re not doing all of this analysis reporting for nothing. Our presentation courses will help you learn how to best present all of your numbers in easy, digestible, visual chunks for your greater team.

Specialized Courses

Are you a leader in your company or an HR representative that has to own People Analytics? Want to learn the ins and outs of the Power BI app? Need to harness the capabilities of Power Virtual Agent? These courses are designed for you.

Dashboard in a Day

Reporting & Analytics with Power BI

Modern Excel Analyst in a Day


Advanced Data Modeling with Power BI

Advanced DAX for Reporting

Paginated Report in a Day


Advanced Presentation Skills for Business



People Analytics

App in a Day

Power Virtual Agent in a Day

Robotic Process Automation in a Day

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