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About Us

Companies the world over generate a lot of data and strive to extract valuable information from it to aid their decision-making process.

At dbrownconsulting we help you make sense of your data by implementing our unique reporting and modeling methodologies with tools you already have access to (Power BI, Power Pivot, Excel, Power Apps and the Microsoft Power Platform) allowing you to achieve much more.


Organisations don’t need training, they need results. Training must have a clear path to results to be effective. We believe this in dbrownconsulting and implement a methodology to ensure our clients get value.

Our 4A Training Principles

Detailed needs analysis via an online test to measure participants’ current competency levels.


Access to online self-directed knowledge sessions to get participants aware of the basics.


Surveys and a live session 2 months post training to measure impact on the job for participants and the organisation.


Micro quizzes to assess participants assimilation levels and optimize learning and delivery.


We deploy a 4S Methodology for deploying Reporting and Modeling solutions for clients. We have had many firsts, first to introduce productivity focused Excel training to the Nigerian market in 2006, then the first to introduce Power Pivot in 2010 and the first to launch Power BI to the Nigerian market in 2015 and our founder being the first Nigerian to be recognized my Microsoft with the MVP designation for being a community leader and influencer in the Data Platform.

Our 4S Methodology

We get to the crux of your needs. Understanding what success should look like.


We put your data through our structured methodology for models or reporting engines.


We run various scenarios with you as we refine the tool to meet your precise needs.


We support and train your teams as the solution is deployed and monitored for impact across your organisation.

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