Best practices to ace your visual presentations like a pro.

talent development watch Nov 01, 2022

2nd November 2022


Presentations and Trainings are increasingly becoming a staple in today’s world. We truly saw the world shift from traditional physical training and events to more virtual modes during the pandemic and we have now come to terms with the world becoming hybrid.

We have had to learn how to and adapt host virtual trainings and presentations with an increase in the use of the term “Can you see my screen?’.

With this increase in virtual presentation and the decrease in the attention span of the audience also begs the question of how effective trainings and presentations are – “am I hitting the mark with my audience with this presentation”?

The rule of engagement differs from physical meetings as the virtual space and its associated engagement is only as great as the strategy that delivers it.

 How do you hold your audience’s attention, deliver an engaging presentation or training and ensure that your training or presentation is effective

Olayemi Olatunji Head of Delivery for Digital Learning, Phillips Consulting LTD will provide tested strategies for optimizing your virtual landscape and designing engaging virtual training and meetings in the new reality.





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