How to Extract Data from Pictures into your Excel Sheet

excel watch Mar 13, 2023
Learn how to easily extract data from a picture or snapshot into an excel sheet to increase productivity

Picture this: You are collating huge data from the web that are mostly in snapshots and pictures to carry out data analysis and you would like to have the data on these images moved to your excel spreadsheet. Copying and Pasting the information is not the most effective method as you would still have to spend time arranging the data copied in your excel sheet. 

Let us show you a more efficient and easy way to move data from a picture or screenshot into an excel spreadsheet in excel with these short easy steps. 

Step 1: Get your picture or screenshot of where your data is. Note that for this to work perfectly the data on the picture or screenshot have to be well arranged or follow the Seven (7) golden rules of data. (Don't know what the 7 golden rules of data are? Read this blog to get familiar).


Step 2: Inside your excel spreadsheet, click on your data tab and select the drop-down "From Picture".

Step 3: Select where you want to insert your picture from either "From clipboard" or "From your device" and select the picture that holds your data.

Step 4: Click on insert. Your picture will appear on the right side of the screen with options to insert or review your extracted data. The screen should appear like this. 

Step 5: Verify that your data is correct and click on insert data to move your data from the picture into your excel sheet. 

That is how easy it is to insert data from pictures or snapshots into an excel sheet. Now, you save more time and are more productive.

See this quick 3 minutes tutorial video that shows you how to extract data from your picture or snapshot into an excel sheet for better understanding. 

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