Emotional Intelligence and Decision Making 

talent development watch Nov 03, 2022

Date9th November 2022 


As humans we are emotional beings, and we make many critical decisions based on our how we feel. This is our default response to situations and events that happen to us.

 The downside of this almost instantaneous on the spur response to events is the inability to make clear, unbiased decisions in these events. It has become necessary for humans to build the part of their emotions to become intelligent.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the ability to make good decisions that are paramount to personal and professional success. Research has shown that emotional intelligence enables us to make effective decisions. Emotional Intelligence is also being able to access, understand and regulate your own emotions; correctly interpret the verbal and non-verbal behaviors of others; and adjust your behavior in relation to others.

As we also make decisions based off our emotions, Emotional Intelligence is core skill in demand in managerial and leadership roles. Having the ability to determine the need and importance of making a decision, identify choices, and take action on the appropriate choice.

Mojisola Ogunkoya is a certified Emotional Intelligence Coach and will provide key knowledge you’d need to build your Emotional Strength.




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