Automate all your reporting and analytics workflows - A demo using the Microsoft Power Platform.

data analytics watch Oct 18, 2022


According to McKinsey, more than 70% of digital transformations fail and this is because most organizations believe digital transformation is all about technology, but it’s about having the right systems and knowing how to use the right tools to achieve true transformation..

The objective of digital transformation is to enable organizations to be more efficient in their processes and workflow. An average analyst spends 80% of their time working on mundane tasks, like cleaning datasets and creating weekly and monthly reports instead of brainstorming on the numbers. These processes can be automated.

For over 16 years, we have helped clients build plug-and-play systems that solve this problem with Microsoft’s Power Platform Tools. In this webinar, we will show you the best practices of how to use Microsoft’s revolutionary tools called Power Platforms to automate your workflows, giving you and your team more time to concentrate on making data-driven decisions.

You would learn:

  • Best approach of deploying Analytics system with Power Platform using Power BI, Power Apps and Power Automate.
  • How to integrate Power Apps into Power BI to write back to the Analytics systems dataset.
  • Automate commenting in the analytics system that eradicates the extra hours analysts spend in adding comments in PowerPoint Slides.

Watch our lead trainer and analyst Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, Adewale Yusuf (MVP)  as he takes you through the utilization of Microsoft Power Platforms.