Reporting & Analytics with Power BI

Reporting & Analytics with Power BI

Live-Virtual | In-Person

Take your productivity to the next level by learning how to build data models and computations that automate your reporting and analytics with Power BI.

This 5-week virtual program has been completed by over 1,000 individuals and is a unique combination of knowledge and practical hands on sessions and direct coaching from our award winning instructors.
You will complete a capstone project at the end of the 5-week program with your own data or data you and your group agree to use.
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What Our Customers Are Saying

They provided value by putting together a data model allowing us to combine information from multiple sources, visualise it and ultimately leverage it to analyse the impact of our programs and events
Travis Jones
Travis JonesDirector, Enablement & Events
They provided value by putting together a data model allowing us to combine information from multiple sources, visualise it and ultimately leverage it to analyse the impact of our programs and events
Travis Jones
Travis JonesDirector, Enablement & Events
They provided value by putting together a data model allowing us to combine information from multiple sources, visualise it and ultimately leverage it to analyse the impact of our programs and events
Travis Jones
Travis JonesDirector, Enablement & Events

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Learning Outcomes
By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Use our unique framework for building a robust Data Model in Power BI
  • Incorporate budget data & build variance analysis reports
  • Produce important KPI computation using the DAX Formula Language
  • Make sense of the DAX formula Language
  • Assess various data visualisation options in Power BI Desktop
  • Produce a complete reporting solution from scratch
  • Demonstrate working knowledge of Power via our Capstone Project
  • Learn smart techniques to Query data from multiple sources
  • Utilize the latest productivity features in Power BI

How we deliver training
This Virtual course includes lifetime access to our course portal, here is how you will learn:

  • Knowledge sessions: We cover knowledge content for the first two weeks via our online portal, you will receive login details once you are registered for the course.
  • Virtual Sessions: You will then start your virtual sessions; each session runs for 2 hours and we usually have 2 sessions a week.
  • Assignments: You will join a group of your peers and be required to complete assignments after each session. You must upload your completed assignment on our portal before the next session. All assignments are graded.
  • Certificate: Once you complete the course, you will receive a digital certificate of completion which can be linked to your social media Profiles. You will also earn CPD Credits if available for this course. Some courses also prepare you for external certifications issued by our partners e.g. Financial Modeling Institute & Microsoft.
  • Application: 3 Months after the course, we would follow up on a call with key stakeholders at your organisation to measure the impact of the training (Premium Clients only).
  • Support: You have lifetime access to the hundreds of videos in your online portal and you will become a member of our community of learners and experts where you can chat with our trainers and your course mates and ask for help anytime you need it.

Is this course for you?

If you currently build, review and present reports and analytics on a regular basis and need a mor efficient and productive way to do this. then this course is for you.

Certificate & CPD Credits for this course

Certificate of Completion

Once you complete the program; you achieve 100% completion as recorded in your online portal for the course. We will automatically send you your Digital Certificate of completion for the course which you can attach to your social media profiles.

CPD UK Credits

dbrownconsulting is an accredited provider of CPD UK, An internationally recognized  certification service. This course will qualify you for 24 Credit Units. Click here to learn how to claim your CPD Certificate.

CFA Professional Learning Credits

dbrownconsulting and CFA Institute have partnered to provide you access to professional Learning credits by attending this course. This course will grant you 24 PL Credits, this completely covers your annual mandatory Professional Learning Credits of 20 (Excluding the 2 Ethics & regulatory Credits you also need to get). Here is a brief guide on how you can claim thee credits.
“David Brown and dbrownconsulting are absolutely the best in the world at what they do.”
Serdek Love
CEO Sardek Love International, Master Trainer and International Keynote Speaker

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Just A Few of Our Clients

What Technology do I need to Attend this Course?
You will need a Laptop with Microsoft Office 2013 or later, Adobe PDF Reader, access to the Internet and working access to Zoom.
What is the default time zone for the virtual sessions in?
Our time zone is WAT (west African time) which is GMT +1hr, Eastern Time (ET) +5hrs and Pacific time (PT) +8hrs
Is this Course Offered in-Person?
Yes, it is, you just need to contact us and we can arrange for a private class for your organisation at a mutually agreed time. You will have to cover travel and lodging expenses for 2 people (our trainer and coordinator).
Must I do Prep Work?
Yes, Prep work is an important part of the program, immediately after registration, you will have the first 2 weeks of the program to complete your prep work on our online training platform. Prep work includes micro learning videos, PDF guides and quizzes which you need to complete before you start the live-virtual sessions or In-Person training classes.
How do I submit Assignments?
You will be required to upload your completed assignments on our learning portal. You will be given access to the portal once you have been registered for the course. Our portal is managed by All assignments are graded and you lose points for submitting late and gain points for submitting super early!
What are your cancellation and refund policy?

Check out our Cancellation and refund Policy for everything on this topic.

Do you have a Training Calendar for Public (Open) programs?
Yes, we do, please click here to access all our latest calendar.
Will there be opportunities to practice
Yes, for sure! The entire course is hands-on and we encourage all participants to bring their own work-related content and follow along. This course has a capstone where you will be expected to complete a project of your choice to access your certificate.
How are Virtual Sessions Structured?

Each virtual session lasts 2 hours.

We start with an opener for 5 minutes, then you complete a quiz for 5 minutes (to test your prior knowledge), followed by activities for 40 minutes, you then have a 15 minute break, then another 40 minute block of content, 10 minutes to hear about your assignment and complete your evaluation forms before the last 5 minutes for another quiz to test your assimilation of the sessions teaching.

Is there an International Certification attached to this course?

Yes, this course is approved by the Financial Modeling Institute (, completing this course will be excellent preparation to write the FMI’s Advanced Financial Modeler Certificate Examinations for the AFM Designation.

Do I get CPD Credits from this course?

Yes, you do. This course is Certified by the CPD UK, completing it entitles you to 24 CPD Units. All you need to do is email the link to your Digital Certificate of completion to this CPD UK email address and you can follow up with them to access your CPD Certificate of completion.

How do I contact you if I have additional questions

Just send us an email at or you can call us at +234 700 TRAINING (+23487246464).

What do your Premium Clients Get?
Our Premium Clients gain access to a set of premium features for their inhouse course with us. They gain access to a live reporting platform where we analyze each participants performance from our assessment and prework, the live training, course completion and even application back on the job. Clients also get support on ROI computations and a lot more. Please book a meeting with us here to learn more.
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If you would like to train your team or need further clarifications, please fill this form. If not, just go ahead and register for the number of participants in the form above.